Tuesday, May 8, 2007


This is the second time I've been in Nairobi in the last four years. Pindie and David have opened their beautiful home to me, and it makes me feel totally different about Nairobi. The first day here, there was a little gathering here celebrating David's birthday, and I got to meet a few expats and got a real warm feeling. I thought six months in Africa was a long time, but it seems like a blink after hearing these folks talk about it.

Went down to the Sarit Centre, a shopping mall, to get a cell phone. Outside the mall, I walked by a blind guy reading a braille bible out loud right next to a guy who looked like he might be a leper. The power blinked out three times while I was in the mall, once while I was talking to a salesperson about a phone, and I saw no visible reaction. It happens a lot.


Anonymous said...

Reed-mon - good to hear you made it OK. I look forward to many strange fun tales. Give Ann a hug from me and Alyssa, and Timmy Dunn says Howdy too. Miss you, bro!

Anonymous said...

We miss you and Nan already, but are SO psyched to know you're in for such an incredible experienece.

This is what you're missing here, my friend. Any parallel experiences like this there?

- G and T's Dad

(From the Ballard Tribune- whoa!)

Man gives car title to "friend"

In North Seattle, a police officer was sent to investigate a fraud. A man told the officer he was bipolar, schizophrenic, an alcoholic and was suicidal when not on his medication. He said at times he does not take his medication, drinks heavily and gets delusional, then passes out. The man also said at times he does things he can't explain and loses track of time for days. In the past, he said he has found himself passed out away from home with no money or means to care for himself. Sometimes the man borrows money from a friend who is listed as a suspect in the report. The suspect loaned him $200 until the man's Social Security check arrived. The man offered the title to his car as collateral. When the car was not returned, the Tukwila police told him the car was no longer in his name. He told the police the suspect took advantage of him after he drank two liters of vodka that night.