Saturday, May 12, 2007

2 gone

OK. Right now I'm at the Tilapia Hotel on Lake Victoria. Went to a reserve last night, Saanane Islad, means 8 o'clock islanf to check out some wildlife. There were kingfishers, egrets, ibises, cormorants, kites and eagles, as well as some little yellow bird tat weaves its nest together. Alo some free roaming Gazelles. Then there was a spootted Hyena and a Lion in cages.

Plus, some kind of party. Went over in a boat with 10 people, came back in the same boat with sixty people. A little sketchy, ut the chop was only a couple of feet so no big deal.

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Anonymous said...

Kibondo was lucky to get Ann but wow they very soon will have Reed also!! What a pair.