Friday, May 11, 2007

2nd 2 last am in Nairobi

Well, getting ready to go. Tomorrow, I'll be on a two hopper to Kibondo. Spending Saturday night in Mwanza on Lake Victoria.

Nairobi has been good. I had a lot of fun hanging out with Pindie and David, and we went out to dinner last night with Shana and Louisa. They are doing the same thing Ann did last year, having been chosen to check out the Cultural Orientation program. As we chowed down on Lamb, Frog Legs and Gnocchi at the Mediteraneo, I couldn't help but see something like Ann's present in their future. As well as something like Ann's past in their present.

I really have only left the house to go pick up stuff at Sarit Center. Been working, setting up possibilities for working remotely (using my cell as a modem) knocking back Tuskers and listening to the bullfrogs at night. To me, when the frogs get the call and answer thing going, it sounds like an asthmatic giant breathing.

Monday is going to be a national day of morning here in Kenya, for the people of the Kenya Airlies flight that went down en route Cameroon. I think it was David last night who pointed out how these deaths united the country, while as many Kenyans die in tribal war, there is no similar mourning. Hope lies is resolving this contradiction.

The enemy is the we that is they.

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Anonymous said...

Ok. I wasn't eating frog legs. But I WAS boggiein' tonight at the Blue Scholars show at the Showbox LIKE I had frog legs (it was hip- HOP, you know :P). Anyway, my friends and I got scatttered and I lost them. I decided to have one more drink before I leave (I know, hard to believe...). So I got outside, tried to hail a cab. They blow by me. But the next cab, even though there's someone riding up front, pulls over. "Mind if my girlfriend rides?" the cabbie asks. No problem. Nice to have the company, I say. We crawl down 1st avenue through Belltown, all the while the cabbie and his girlfriend are speaking in a tongue I can't understand. I interupt and ask, "So, where are you from?" "East Africa," is the reply. "Really?" I ask. "Where specifically?" "Kenya," the cabbie says. "How long have you been here in the states?" I ask. "Since '93" he says. "Wow. That's great." or some lame response I make. "My sister-in-law works with people who emigrate to the US." HERE IS THE KICKER..... He says, "Ann? Is she Ann?" CAN YOU FRICKIN' BELIEVE IT?!?!?! It was Farah. We talked the whole way to Ballard about you, Ann, and you, Reed, and how wonderful you both are. How you brought his family, his aunt and her childern, here to him. He was SO grateful for everything you've done for him and his family. He said, "Will you tell Ann about tonight, say hello?" ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! I almost want to FLY OVER THERE and tell you in person about it. Amazing, amazing, amazing. Our world is shrinking. And that excites me. We have SO MUCH POWER to make a difference. Ann- you are incredible, what you're doing is incredible, your husband is incredible to be right there with you for it all. On our side, we need to find ways to make a difference. (Providing text for webpages just won't do it for this boy.)I hope you're both well...and sorry for the rambling. BUT THAT WAS ONE OF THE MOST INCREDIBLE CAB RIDES OF MY LIFE. (Thank you to Dave Cotoure for inviting me to the show. And thank you, Reed, for not being there to kick our ass in Golden Tee aftewards at the Nitelite. :P)

Love to you both,