Friday, May 4, 2007

The Eve of the Eve of departure

In two days I'm going to Africa. I've been there twice. Once in Tunisia. And we went there because of a dream I had in Anacapris. It was the day after Ann lost a contact swimming in the grottoe(sp?) and we towed an Italian couple with engine trouble to dock. Still waiting for the promised free dinner. Anyway, one morning I was dreaming about being some jedi guy and I was sitting at a long table with a podium in the middle, and I had a feeling that behind the curtain lurked a spoiler. Because the event in my dream was that peace had been brought to the galaxy and I was the celebrant. I ended up fighting with some invisible guy whose only weakness was that his light saber only had a six foot extension cord to power it. I cut the cord and once again saved the galaxy, only to wake up in the world.

Rubbing my eyes, I noticed Ann was not in bed. It was morning, she was on the patio reading a travel book and catching some morning rays. I started telling her about my dream and said "I think I was Luke Skywalker or something." She said "Oh my god, we have to go to Tunisia. You are freaking me out. Read this." And she handed me the book she was reading with her finger on a section about MatMata, where part of Star Wars was filmed. The part about Luke before he realized his destiny.

So we went to Tunisia. There was a lunar eclipse the day after we got there.

Three years later, in 2003, we went on a safari in Eastern Africa. Before the safari, we landed in South Africa, in Johannesburg. As usual, we did exactly what all the guide books said you shouldn't, and took a ride from the airport with the first people who offered us egress from the airport. Spent the night by their pool on our backs watching a lunar eclipse.

Last year, April 20 something, Ann got honored with a Cultural Orientation appointment in Kakuma, Kenya. There was a lunar eclipse while she was there.


Anonymous said...

A wonderful story I never heard before. Wish I could dream that way and go to magic places. Love from your MOM.

Timothy said...

God bless extension cords.