Sunday, October 9, 2011


So we get up and we know there is an Island 45 minutes away in the Golfe de Tadjoura. Djibouti is shaped like a Rhino's head with its mouth open and the inside of the mouth is the Gulf. In the middle are a lot of islands, really small and undercut, like Moucha. Doesn't seem like much grows on it, it looks like it is made out of dead coral reefs that ended up above water somehow. Deeply undercut all around
From 2011922-20111003

Really good snorkeling. Apparently good diving but we haven't tried that yet. Plus the beers on tap are cheaper than in the city, 25cl of draft Stella for 600 Djibouti Francs ($3), versus 1000 downtown. WTF?

From djibouti mousha island

Next time maybe we can dive with whale sharks, biggest fish in the world.
I kept feeling like I was in a different country on this 3km circumference island. We were there for 4 hours but it felt like a longer, slower time. You could still see Djibouti city, the cranes that offloaded cargo from here if you tried.

I tried not to.

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