Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Tel Aviv


We checked into the Alexander Suites at the beach. When we got there we unpacked and went for a walk on the beach. Right where the path from our hotel meets the beach there are these chairs on the sand. With waiters. It's about 4pm, lots of people have beers.

We didn't get much further down the beach for a little while.

Some Russians behind us are sharing a joint with the waitress and there are some other Russians to our right dumping vodka into their water glasses and drinking beer. Its still pretty bright and warm and there are people walking around and hanging out just wearing swimwear. Lots of skin. In Amman, they have rules that you can't be naked in the locker room. Sitting out on the beach, it felt like a light was releasing a part of my soul that had lay in shadow. They had Shakshuka.

I don't know if that's how you spell it. Poached eggs mashed together in some kind of red chili wine sauce. Spicy and eggy. Like I like it.

We walked up and down the promenade, very wide, crowded with cool shops and restaurants. Lots of fathers with kids. After a long walk, we grabbed some dinner by some little fishing harbor. Ordered too much food.

Then we walk down the boardwalk to speedos. The boardwalk is ripply, like gentle waves with 5 foot crests in parts. Very cool. The boardwalk is more like a massive deck, really. The boardwalk is vast.

Then we turn in.

Eating breakfast at the buffet, I hear some conversation:

"He provided for his family by using his hands and his power."

other Lady:
"He was a laborer"

"He was a survivor"

I'm sitting down at the table and Ann giggling a little:

-"You heard that?"
-"He was a suh vy vah!!"

And the visuals on the beach were killer.

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