Friday, June 1, 2007


THis is what we look out over when we eat lunch:

If I turn away from that, I am graced with this beautiful view:

We've both been working a lot. Ann has been teaching classes this week because they had a scheduling mishap and she had to pick up the slack.

Scheduling mishaps are pretty much the norm here. I was trying to find the swahili term for happy birthday but it turns out there isn't really such a phrase because it is impolite to refer to a specific date or something. Like celebrating a certain date violates some cultural more. Also a lot of people don't know their birthday. This is probably changing.

I've been helping with some IT stuff and learning about satellite internet. In exchange, I get to use the internet to keep up with my work for PMI. There aren't internet cafes in kibondo.

Also, we are taking swahili lessons every day and its starting to sink in a little.

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